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G1 Global 2018 Overview
Date and Time
9:00-18:00, Sunday, October 14th, 2018 (followed by a reception, 18:15-20:00)
Connecting a Fractured World (planned)
GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan
Expected no. of participants
Registration Fee
58,000 JPY (early registration until July 31)
78,000 JPY (registration August 1-30)

Launched in 2011, the G1 Global Conference addresses global and regional challenges through English-only discussions. The G1 Global provides a unique opportunity for global leaders to interact, share visions for the future, and develop ideas into concrete actions.

  • 1 Cross-industry, multi-sector networking with opinion leaders and corporate and government decision-makers from around the world
  • 2 An outreach platform showcasing the diverse potential of a changing Japan to the world

This year's theme is “Creative Evolution in a Volatile World.” Deep social divides in the US and Europe can be seen in Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump. Europe and the US are questioning globalization, turning inward and embracing populism that has lead to a volatile world. However, Japan, in contrast, is surprisingly stable economically and politically, with few social divisions.

Meanwhile, developments in technology bring new threats and breakthroughs. New, creative actions are needed to evolve in Politics/Foreign Affairs, Economics/Business, and Technology. At the 7th G1 Global Conference, we will discuss "Creative Evolution in a Volatile World," bringing together the wisdom from various sectors and regions from around the globe.

Theme: "Leadership: Thinking the Unthinkable"

In June, the Brexit triggered an avalanche of events for which most leaders have been unprepared: the resignation of UK PM Cameron, a possible second referendum on Scottish independence, and havoc in the global markets, not to mention the implications for immigration, business, and the world order.

Brexit and the popularity of Donald Trump have confirmed the unthinkable that many political and corporate leaders would not even accept: the scale of public disillusionment at leaders' assumptions that they know what is best for their people and customers. Brexit showed how out of touch the UK government was, and the strategic error of believing they held the high ground of political wisdom.

The Brexit was once "Unthinkable." How can we learn to “Think the Unthinkable”? Nik Gowing, the former BBC broadcaster who is now a Visiting Professor at King’s College London & Nanyang University in Singapore, has conducted research on this topic and will be joining us again as the main G1 Global Facilitator. His research shows us that to respond effectively to events like this, a new type of leadership is required. G1 Global participants will discuss “Thinking the Unthinkable” and taking action, with focus on the realms of business, technology, and diplomacy, and with special attention on the role of Japan.

For more information on "Thinking the Unthinkable," click here.

Date Monday, September 18, 2017
Registration Fee
Number of Pepple
Organized by G1 Institute
Day 1
#1 Plenary Session
Can Japan be a Role Model for Global Economic Prosperity and Stability?
Richard McCormack
Senior Advisor,
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, GPIF
Heizo Takenaka
Professor Emeritus, Keio University
Professor, Toyo University
Jesper Koll
CEO, Wisdom Tree Japan KK
#2 Breakout Sessions
Geopolitics in Asia: New Shifts and Rebalancing?
Jonathan Berkshire Miller
International Affairs Fellow (Japan),
Council on Foreign Relations
Narendra Taneja
Energy Expert and Spokesperson BJP (India's governing party)
Dong Wang
Associate Professor, School of International Studies,
Peking University
James Zumwalt
CEO, Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA
Ken Jimbo
Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management,
Keio University
Business in Asia: Where Will the Next Growth Come From?
Paul Bradley
Chairman & CEO, Caprica International
Daisuke Murata
President & C.E.O, Murata Machinery, Ltd.
Frank-Jurgen Richter
Chairman, Horasis
Su-Ming Wong
CEO, CHAMP Ventures Pty Limited
Miki Tsusaka
Senior Partner & Managing Director,
The Boston Consulting Group
Space Business: Strategies to Tackle a New Frontier
Hidetaka Aoki
Space Business Evangelist,
Global Brain Corporation
Chris Blackerby
Guy Bonaud
Representative Director,
SAFRAN Helicopter Engines Japan
Daniel Tani
Faculty, The American School in Japan
Former Astronaut, NASA
Naoko Yamazaki
Astronaut, Fly to the Future
#3 Breakout Sessions
Japan-US Relations: A New Era?
Glen S. Fukushima
Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
Rui Matsukawa
Member of the House of Councilors
(Liberal Democratic Party of Japan)
Yuki Tatsumi
Director, Japan Program, Stimson Center
Abigail Friedman
CEO, The Wisteria Group
Investing: What is the Role and Significance of ESG?
Scott Halliday
Area Managing Partner, Ernst & Young
Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, GPIF
Kimberley Stafford
Managing Director and Head, PIMCO Asia-Pacific
Makoto Takano
CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Forbes JAPAN
Tech Business: Harnessing New Ideas into Sustainable Ventures
Jonathan Epstein
General Manager, Japan, SentinelOne
Teruhide Sato
Founder and Managing Partner, BEENEXT PTE. LTD.
Emi Takemura
FutureEdu Tokyo and Peatix.com Co-founder,
Mistletoe Inc. Fellow
Alex Vieux
CEO, Herring International
Soichiro Minami
CEO, BizReach
Lunch Workshops on “Creative Evolution in a Volatile World”
#4 Breakout Sessions
Politics in the Middle East: New Peace & Stability?
Anwar Ali
Director, Kuwait Industries Company
Henri J. Barkey
Cohen Professor of International Relations
Lehigh University
Katsuhiko Takahashi
Deputy Assistant Minister, Deputy Director-General,
Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Abigail Friedman
CEO, The Wisteria Group
Media & Communications: The Collapse of Trust in the Mass Media—How Do We Evolve?
Atsuo Fujimura
Senior Vice President, Media Business Development,
SmartNews, Inc.
Jonathan Soble
Reporter, New York Times
Hidehiko Yuzaki
Governor, Hiroshima Prefecture
Ross Rowbury
President, Edelman Japan KK
Risks & Opportunities: AI, Autonomous Vehicles, and Cybersecurity
Michael Cusumano
Distinguished Professor of Management,
MIT Sloan School of Management
David Malkin
AI Architect, Cogent Labs
Executive Director,
INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
William Saito
Special Advisor - Cabinet Office,
Government of Japan
#5 Breakout Sessions
Politics in Europe: The Changing Landscape Post-Brexit
Nick Herbert
MP for Arundel & South Downs,
House of Commons (United Kingdom)
Research Professor, Sciences Po
Patrick Welter
Tokyo Correspondent, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung
Yumiko Murakami
Head of OECD Tokyo, OECD
Free Trade: How to Push Against the Rise of Protectionism?
Yoshimasa Hayashi
Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Member, House of Councillors
Terry Nakatsuka
President and Chief Executive Officer, JATCO Ltd
Mireya Solis
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Robert Alan Feldman
Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities
Energy Security and Sustainability: How to Achieve it in the Trump Era?
Mara Prentiss
Professor of Physics, Harvard University
Narendra Taneja
Energy Expert and Spokesperson BJP (India's governing party)
Hiroyuki Tezuka
Executive Assistant & General Manager,
JFE Steel Corporation
Nobuo Tanaka
Chairman, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
#6 Plenary Session
Realizing Creative Evolution Using Design Thinking
Special Presentation
Seiichi Saito
Creative & Technical Director, Rhizomatiks
Chiaki Hayashi
Co-founder, Loftwork Inc.
Tom Kelley
Partner, IDEO
Tak Umezawa
Japan Chairman and Partner, A.T. Kearney
Jesper Koll
CEO, Wisdom Tree Japan KK
#7 Closing Plenary Session
Special Dialogue with Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi
Yoshimasa Hayashi
Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
Member, House of Councillors
Yoshito Hori
Chairperson, G1 Institute, President, GLOBIS University
Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners
Closing Session

Please note that all the session titles, speakers and other details are subject to change.

Gold Sponsors
EY Japan
WisdomTree Japan Inc
Bronze Sponsor
Edelman Japan
Individual Sponsors
Mr. Akinori Matsui
Mr. Hiroyuki Ono
Mr. Ross Rowbury
Mr. Mamoru Taniya
Mr. Toshinobu Yamamoto
Strategic Partners
ADC Forum
Roscongress Foundation
Wilson Center
Advisory Board
Robert Alan Feldman 
Senior Advisor of Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.
Chiaki Hayashi  
Co-founder, Loftwork, Inc.
Ken Jimbo 
Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
Jesper Koll 
CEO, WisdomTree Japan KK
Taro Kono 
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Member of the House of Representatives
Soichiro Minami 
CEO & Founder, BizReach
Yumiko Murakami 
Head of Tokyo Centre at OECD
Ross Rowbury 
President and Representative Director, Edelman Japan KK
Makoto Takano 
CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes JAPAN
Heizo Takenaka 
Professor, Toyo University
Professor Emeritus, Keio University
Tomohiko Taniguchi 
Special Advisor to the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Miki Tsusaka 
Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
Yoshito Hori 
President, GLOBIS University
Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners
International Advisors
Ian Bremmer 
Founder and President
Eurasia Group
Victor Chu 
Chairman and CEO
First Eastern Investment Group
Abraham Denmark
Director, Asia Program
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Barbara Judge 
Deputy Chairman
TEPCO Nuclear Reform
Monitoring Committee
Chung-In Moon
Professor of Political Science
Yonsei University
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