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G1 Award

The G1 honors individuals who have taken significant actions for the betterment of Japan through the presenation of the following awards .

The "G" logo of the award trophy was desinged by Japanese calligraphic artist Sisyu, a receipient of the 2013 G1-U40 award.

The recipients' titles are correct at the time of the awards.

G1-KIBOW Social Award

Through the G1-KIBOW Award, the G1 Institute and the KIBOW Foundation jointly award leaders in social and public domains for their achievements in creating new values for a better Japan and a better world.


Mr. Kensuke Onishi
Chairman and Founder, Public Interest Incorporated Association “Civic Force”

Mr. Onishi has led humanitarian assistance activities in conflict areas and areas affected by natural disasters globally, including Mongolia, Indonesia, and Afghanistan. , His organization Civic Force was instrumental in establishing a support network of 600 companies and 50,000 individuals for relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake



G1-KIBOW Social Award for Social Business
Mr. Masahiko Ichiriki
President, Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co.

Kahoku Shimpo is a well-known regional newspaper company in the Tohoku area. Although the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake caused massive damage to the company itself with its sales staff and local bureau washed away, the company continued to issue newspapers every day without fail and encouraged people affected by the disaster.


G1-KIBOW Social Award for Social Entrepreneurship
Mr. Haruo Miyagi
Founder & CEO, Specified NPO “ETIC. (Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities)”

Mr. Miyagi has endeavored to develop young entrepreneurial leaders and produced more than 150 entrepreneurs since he launched ETIC in 1993 when he was in university. Since 2011, to support the recovery from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and revitalization of communities, Mr. Miyagi has sent young leaders to 100 on-site projects in the disaster-affected areas.


Special G1-KIBOW Social Award
Mrs. Akie Abe
The spouse of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Mrs. Abe changed the image of the first lady through her active engagements with local communities in disaster-affected areas and through her sincere and frank communication style, thereby providing inspiration and encouragement to many people in Japan



G1-KIBOW Social Award for Social Business
Mr. Yoshinori Isozaki
President and CEO, Kirin Company, Ltd.

Despite being seriously hit by the 3/11 disaster including the flooding of its Sendai factory, the Kirin Group has led various initiatives for community-oriented reconstruction efforts. In July 2011, the group decided to spend 6 billion yen by using part of its sales revenues as well as employees’ donation over the following 3 years to support the revitalization of agricultural and fisheries industries in the disaster-affected areas: (i) financing for purchasing of agricultural machinery and other support programs for sales channel expansion, human resources development, and educational support for students in agricultural high schools, and (ii) support for the recovery of aquaculture facilities for“wakame” seaweed in Iwate Prefecture, oysters in Miyagi Prefecture, and green laver in Fukushima Prefecture. The group has also taken a major role in supporting the food culture in the Tohoku area, participating in the “Sanriku Fishermen’s Camp” hosted by the G1 Summit’s “Eat, and Energize the East” initiative. In other areas, the Kirin Group’s social contribution is also notable in its support for promoting sports and culture.

G1-KIBOW Social Award for Social Entrepreneurship
Mr. Daigo Sato
Chairman of the Board, CEO, JapanGiving Foundation

Mr. Sato has been instrumental in promoting student internships at companies and governmental agencies in Japan since he started his own business in 1996. Mr. Sato has consistently taken a leading role in supporting young professionals’ career development and in connecting young people with society. Through the activities of “Dot JP”, a non-profit organization he established, he sent 18,000 interns to Diet members’ offices, creating a pool from which more than 40 new politicians were born, and successfully implemented campaigns to realize internet voting and to improve voting rates. In March 2010, Mr. Sato launched the “JapanGiving” platform, the Japanese version of “JustGiving,” a UK-based global online social platform that has raised 120 billion yen to date. Through JapanGiving, Mr. Sato aims to foster a “giving” culture and build strong and flexible social infrastructures in Japan together with fellow NPOs. Mr. Sato serves in key positions in the government, such as the Cabinet Office Director for General Policy Planning (in charge of the “New Public Commons” Roundtable), and is expected to demonstrate his leadership further as a forerunner of Japan’s NPO community.

Special G1-KIBOW Social Award
Mr. John Victor Roos, Former United States Ambassador to Japan
United States Armed Forces in Japan

The U.S. Armed Forces and Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) jointly provided humanitarian and emergency relief in the Tohoku area through Operation “Tomodachi (friends)”in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. Under the operation, the U.S. military and SDF rescued isolated survivors by helicopter and transported relief supplies to remote islands by landing ship. Their prompt and powerful operation encouraged people not just in disaster-affected areas but all over Japan. Out of this experience, the initiative “TOMODACHI” was launched under the leadership of the U.S.-Japan Council and the U.S. Embassy in Japan. The initiative, with the support of numerous Japan-based companies, aims to deepen the U.S.-Japan relationship by fostering next generation talents through their education, cultural exchange, and leadership programs, providing, among other things, study abroad opportunities in the U.S. to high school students in disaster-affected areas. We hereby present the special award in recognizing the importance of keeping the memory of the disaster alive as well as of contributing to the world peace through carrying over to the future the spirit of cross-border cooperation.

G1-U40 Award

While the seniority system is still intact in Japanese society, an increasing number of young people are taking the lead in breaking social conventions and creating new values while taking active roles in a global arena. Through its “G1 New Generation Leaders’ Award,” the G1 Summit honors young leaders under 40 with outstanding achievements.


G1 New Generation Leaders’ Award for Politics
Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi
Member of the House of Representatives

Since being elected for the first time in 2009, he has attracted public attention as Japan’s foremost young politician. In February 2012 following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mr. Koizumi launched “TEAM 11,” through which young Diet members make monthly visits to the disaster affected areas, building a strong link between the central government and local governments and raising hopes in the future politics of Japan.


G1 New Generation Leaders’ Award for Economy
Mr. Daisuke Iwase
President and COO, Lifenet Insurance Company

Mr. Iwase established Lifenet Insurance Company with a vision to “build a society where Japan’s young generation can have and raise their children without anxiety by offering cost-efficient life insurance products.” Mr. Iwase is a forerunner of the online life insurance business, and successfully completed an IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers section just four and a half years after the foundation of the company. Mr. Iwase is a young entrepreneur who continues to transform our society through his business.


G1 New Generation Leaders’ Award for Society & Culture
Ms. Sisyu
Japanese calligraphic artist

Using traditional Japanese “Sho (calligraphy)” as a tool to “express intentions,” Sisyu breaks new ground for Japanese culture through innovative techniques such as by adding 3-D effects to the characters. She showcases Japanese culture to the world and has held exhibitions at venues such as the Venice Biennale and Louvre Museum. She was also invited to the Davos World Economic Forum to present her artistic work in 2012.



G1 New Generation Leaders’ Award for Economics
Mr. Kentaro Kawabe
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Yahoo! Japan Corporation

Mr. Kawabe started his career with Yahoo! Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! Japan”) in 2000 when a venture company he established as a student merged with Yahoo! Japan, and he has been Vice President and COO since 2014. Under Mr. Kawabe’s leadership to achieve growth with “explosive speed (bakusoku),” Yahoo! Japan marked 12% growth in revenue for the fiscal year ending in March 2014. Mr. Kawabe continues to demonstrate strong leadership in the reform of Yahoo! Japan, Japan’s leading IT company.

G1 New Generation Leaders’ Award for Society and Culture
Ms. Lin Kobayashi
Chair of the Board, International School of Asia, Karuizawa (ISAK)

Having involved in the UNICEF education program for people in poverty in the Philippines, Ms. Kobayashi returned to Japan in 2008 feeling strongly about the need for leadership training. With JPY 1.4 billion in donations and the cooperation of various sponsors, Ms. Kobayashi successfully launched Japan’s first residential international high school, “nternational School of Asia, Karuizawa, in August 2014. Ms. Kobayashi is considered one of the leading individuals in Japan’s education reform.

G1 Media Award


Based on the recognition that the media has an important role to play in achieving a better Japan, the G1 Summit awards information platforms that contribute to the creation of new forms of media and to the worldwide communication of Japan’s capabilities.


G1 Media Award for Creation & Innovation
Mr. Nobuo Kawakami
Chairman, Dwango Co., Ltd.

The “niconico (smiling)” video-hosting service has transformed the media as a video platform where everyone can participate and become a disseminator of information. Election broadcasting through niconico has set a new standard and transformed Japan’s election process, while the niconico “Cho-Kaigi”, an annual offline meeting-cum-festival held on a massive scale, has become an originator of a new type of culture.


G1 Media Award for Overseas Communications
Mr. Tomohide Kamei
Founder and CEO, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. is a powerful promoter of Japanese pop-culture (the so-called “Otaku” culture) on the world’s entertainment markets. The company’s facebook site gained 15 million “likes” as of 2014, establishing a strong fan base for Japan all over the world.


G1 Media Award Special Award
Mr. Daisuke Tsuda
Journalist & Media Activist

Mr. Tsuda has pioneered new forms of journalism using social media such as live telecasts and interactive communication through Twitter, and continues to exert strong influence on the media community. Politas, an online political media where he acts as the editor-in-chief, is gaining notice for providing an open platform for policy discussion and deliberation.



G1 Media Award for Creation & Innovation
Akira Morikawa
Advisor, LINE Corporation

Launched in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, LINE has grown to be one of the major mobile communication tools. With more than 50 million registered users in Japan, it has become an essential device for people’s everyday life. LINE has not only changed the method and the flow of communication between individuals, but also between communities, companies, the government and organizations by providing a direct means to connect. Further, LINE news and grouping functions have demonstrated their value as a platform to link people and ideas. LINE stamps have created a new market. Through the G1 Media Award for Creation & Innovation, we honor Mr. Morikawa’s leadership and successful promotion of these activities.

G1 Media Award for Overseas Communications
Mr. Ken Suzuki
Co-CEO, SmartNews Inc.

SmartNews was established in June 2012 with a mission to “deliver the world’s quality information to the people who need it.” In October 2014, SmartNews made its debut in the U.S. market, and the U.S.-Japan combined number of downloads exceeded 10 million in February 2015. The number of monthly active users in the U.S. has now exceeded 1 million, while its service is available in 150 countries. By using Japanese technologies, the company supports the media as a neutral news curation site, while creating innovation in journalism, facilitating the transmission of quality information, and ultimately helping to promote democracy throughout the world. Recognizing this contribution, we award the G1 Media Award for Overseas Communication to Mr. Suzuki.

G1 Media Award Special Award
Mr. Takafumi Horie
Founder, SNS Inc.

Mr. Horie has always positioned himself at the forefront of Japan’s internet industry. With his strong and unique personality, he has pressed for the fusion of telecommunication and broadcasting and fearlessly challenged the social taboo in order to bring about innovation. In recent years, he has gained increasing influence as an information curator via the curation magazine “Antenna” and the gourmet app “Teriyaki” and through his widely popular email magazine “Horiemon.com” which has the Japan’s largest readership of more than 15,000. Recognizing his success as a forerunner of the IT industry, the G1 Media Award Special Award is awarded to Mr. Horie who has become the media himself.