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  2. What is G1 ?

What is G1 ?

The G1 is a forum for the leaders of the next generation to gather, discuss, and paint a vision for the rebirth of Japan in a turbulent world.

The name is derived from our aspirations that the globe will become as one, that we can become No. 1 if we have a Global mindset, and that our generation will unite as one.

We believe that Japan and the world need leadership that is backed by wisdom, well-rounded knowledge, ambition, and a network of close associates.

The purpose of the G1 is to gather leaders and create such a network. At the Summit, people from the same generation who are active at the forefront of politics, economy, business, science. technology, and culture gather to discuss contemporary issues, acquire knowledge in a variety of fields, make good friends, and help each other grow as leaders.

The G1 Summit Platform

The G1 Summit has been held every year since 2009. It is becoming a platform whereby people, beyond differences in sectors and industries, share ideas and take actions for breakthroughs. A number of spin-off annual events have been launched under the umbrella of the G1, including: “G1 Global,” a forum for global leaders, in 2011, “G1 Executive” for business leaders at the core of the Japanese economy in 2012, “G1 U-40” for Japan’s next-generation leaders in 2013, as well as “G1 Venture” for leaders involved in venture business, the “G1 College,” a G1 Summit-equivalent forum for university students, and “G1 Region” a meeting for regional leaders and G1 Summit members, in 2014.