• 2013 G1 Global Conference Speakers

2013 G1 Global Conference Speakers

 Plenary Session I 09:00-10:30 

Plenary Session I

  • Yoshimasa Hayashi
    Yoshimasa Hayashi Keynote Speech
    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Member of the House of Councillors
  • Robert Alan Feldman
    Robert Alan FeldmanPanelist
    Managing Director, Chief Economist, Head of Fixed Income Research Tokyo, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities
  • Yoshimasa Hayashi
    Yoshimasa HayashiPanelist
    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Member of the House of Councillors
  • Nik Gowing
    Nik GowingModerator
    Main Presenter, BBC World News

 Breakout Session I 10:45-12:00 

Breakout Session I

  • Fujiyo Ishiguro
    Fujiyo IshiguroPanelist
    President & CEO,Netyear Group Corporation
  • Ryo Kubota
    Ryo KubotaPanelist
    Chairman, Prsident & CEO, Acucela Inc.
  • Jiren Liu
    Jiren LiuPanelist
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,Neusoft Corporation
  • Dongsik Yoo
    Dongsik YooPanelist
    CEO, Zionex, Inc.
  • Allen Miner
    Allen MinerModerator
    Chairman and CEO, SunBridge Group
  • Yoriko Kawaguchi
    Yoriko KawaguchiPanelist
    Visiting Professor, Meiji Institute for Global Affairs
  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas SmithPanelist
    Strategist, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets
  • Nobuo Tanaka
    Nobuo TanakaPanelist
    Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
  • Kunihiko Shimada
    Kunihiko ShimadaModerator
    CEO, KS International Strategies, Inc. Special Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of the Environment
  • Georges Desvaux
    Georges DesvauxPanelist
    Managing Partner, McKinsey Japan
  • Kathy Matsui
    Kathy MatsuiPanelist
    Managing Director, Chief Japan Equity Strategist, Global Investment Research, Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Akira Tsuchiya
    Akira TsuchiyaPanelist
    Executive Director, Head of Japan, World Economic Forum
  • Etsuko May Okajima
    Etsuko May OkajimaSpecial Contributor
    Chief Executive Officer, ProNova Inc.,
  • Hiroko Kuniya
    Hiroko KuniyaModerator
    Anchor, NHK-TV

 Breakout Session II 13:00-14:15 

Breakout Session II

  • Shawn D Baldwin
    Shawn D BaldwinPanelist
    Chairman, Capital Management Group
  • Jesper Koll
    Jesper KollPanelist
    Managing Director and Head of Japanese Equity Research, JP Morgan Securities Japan
  • Oki Matsumoto
    Oki MatsumotoPanelist
    Chairman & CEO, Monex Goup, Inc.
  • Thierry Porte
    Thierry PortePanelist
    Managing Director, J.C. Flowers & Co. LLC
  • Hiromichi Mizuno
    Hiromichi MizunoModerator
    Partner, Coller Capital
  • Masaru Arakida
    Masaru ArakidaPanelist
    Senior Researcher, Asian Disaster Reduction Center
  • George Krhoda
    George KrhodaPanelist
    Associate Professor, Geography and Environment Studies, University of NairobiManaging Director, REDPLAN Consultants Ltd.
  • Satish Selvanathan
    Satish SelvanathanPanelist
    Director, Premium Nutrients Pte. Ltd.
  • Satoru Nishikawa
    Satoru NishikawaModerator
    Director-General of Audit, Japan Water Agency
  • Glen S. Fukushima
    Glen S. FukushimaPanelist
    Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
  • Moon Chung-in
    Moon Chung-inPanelist
    Professor of Political Science, Yonsei University; Editor-in-chief, Global Asia
  • Tomohiko Taniguchi
    Tomohiko TaniguchiPanelist
    Councillor, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Dan Slater
    Dan SlaterModerator
    Director, Delphi Network

 Breakout Session III 14:30-15:45 

Breakout Session III

  • Keiichiro Asao
    Keiichiro AsaoPanelist
    Member of the House of RepresentativesSecretary-General, Your Party
  • Michael Cucek
    Michael CucekPanelist
    Author, Shisaku BlogResearch Associate, M.I.T. Center for International Studies
  • Taro Kono
    Taro KonoPanelist
    Member of the House of Representatives
  • Jonathan Soble
    Jonathan SobleModerator
    Tokyo Bureau Chief, Financial Times
  • Vachara Phanchet
    Vachara PhanchetPanelist
    Chairman Emeritus, Pacific Basin Economic Council
  • Ted Tan
    Ted TanPanelist
    Deputy Chief Executive, SPRING Singapore
  • Sanjeev Sinha
    Sanjeev SinhaPanelist
    President, Sun and Sands Group
  • Yoko Ishikura
    Yoko IshikuraModerator
    Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University
  • Misha Janette
    Misha JanettePanelist
    Fashion Director/Journalist/Blogger
  • Naomitsu Kodaka
    Naomitsu KodakaPanelist
    Co-Founder & CFO, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
  • Fumio Nanjo
    Fumio NanjoPanelist
    Director, Mori Art Museum
  • Takaaki Umezawa
    Takaaki UmezawaModerator
    Director of the Board; Managing Director Japan, A.T. Kearney

 Plenary Session II 16:00-17:30 

Plenary Session II

  • Richard Edelman
    Richard EdelmanPanelist
    President & CEO, Edelman
  • Ken Shibusawa
    Ken ShibusawaPanelist
    President and CEO, Japan Center for International ExchangeChairman, Commons Asset Management, Inc.
  • Yasuhisa Shiozaki
    Yasuhisa ShiozakiPanelist
    Member of the House of Representatives
  • Nik Gowing
    Nik GowingModerator
    Main Presenter, BBC World News