Foundation Members

The G1 activities are supported by annual membership fees from foundation members,
consisting of the G1 members in the business sector.

In April 2013, the G1 took the form of a general incorporated association,
an independent accounting entity "G1 Institute."

The G1 Institute hosts seven annual conferences, the activities of sub-groups and other initiatives, in which participants from diverse fields are actively engaged with a strong sense of mission to create a "Better Japan". These activities are supported by admission/sponsorship fees as well as foundation membership fees.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for generous support from G1 members and sponsors.


Eligibility G1 members from the business community
Annual Fee 240,000 yen ※The membership fee does not cover registration fees for G1 conferences
Membership period from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016
Foundation member benefits (1)Entitlement to attend the eighth G1 Summit (scheduled in March 2016)
(2)Entitlement to attend all the G1 conferences held during the membership period. ( *Please note that some of the events have age limits for participation.)
(3)Invitation to the G1 Executive meeting on November 3rd extended to a Foundation Member and one other representative from senior management at the member's company
(4)Inclusion of member name, company name and web link on the G1 Summit website