About Us: What is the G1 Summit?

The G1 Summit is a forum for the leaders of the next generation to gather, discuss, and paint a vision for the rebirth of Japan in a turbulent world.

The name is derived from our aspirations that the globe will become as one, that we can become No. 1 if we have a Global mindset, and that our generation will unite as one.

We believe that Japan and the world need leadership that is backed by wisdom, well-rounded knowledge, ambition, and a network of close associates.

The purpose of the G1 Summit is to gather leaders and create such a network. At the Summit, people from the same generation who are active at the forefront of politics, economy, business, science. technology, and culture gather to discuss contemporary issues, acquire knowledge in a variety of fields, make good friends, and help each other grow as leaders.

In the future we hope that some of our participants will be prime ministers, Nobel laureates, leading executives, and outstanding contributors in the academic and cultural fields.

What visions and perspectives will they have when they create Japan’s future? The G1 Summit will help realize a better society by providing perspective, wisdom, and a foundation for the network of the next generation of leaders.

Mission: Purpose and Concept